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Turfcare Unlimited has been caring for Florida lawns for more than 30 years.  You can trust our knowledgeable and friendly staff to get your lawn in top shape.  We have 10 radio-dispatched vehicles and a fully computerized routing system so we never miss an appointment.  We use the latest technology for Florida lawn care applications and pride ourselves on being environmentally friendly.  Let us do your yard work, so you can enjoy the beautiful weather.

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Lawn Fertilization

Your lawn sets the stage for your home.  Without the proper nutrients, it will thin, turn brown and be susceptible to insects and disease.  At Turfcare Unlimited Florida lawn service, we use a complete analysis N-P-K liquid fertilizer which includes all the micro-nutrients needed for your lawn.  We can also customize your program to include a professional-blend N-P-K granulated fertilizer that is sulfur- and polymer-coated for a slow-release systematic feeding.

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6-Step Programs

Our experts at Turfcare Unlimited know all about Florida lawns.  They will come out to your property and analyze your lawn and soil to determine the exact nutrients needed along with the type of weed, insect and disease control necessary to grow a beautiful green and healthy lawn.  We offer free estimates on individual services and entire lawn care programs.

Our 6-step program offers six treatments per year.  The timing of service applications may vary depending on weather and environmental conditions.  It includes:

-Fertilization, which is administered four times a year and consists of three forms of nitrogen together with potassium and phosphorous (N-P-K).  These formulations also include secondary nutrients consisting of sulfur, iron, manganese, boron and zinc.  At different intervals, granulated slow-release fertilizer will be used to balance the liquid fertilizer program.

-Weed control spraying, which is administered twice a year in the spring and fall. The weed spray is designed to control annual weed problems and contains both pre-emergent and post-emergent qualities.

-A pre-programmed insecticide schedule, designed to defend against insecticide over spray, bacteria breakdown and turf insect infestation in your lawn.

-Re-treatments, in between regularly scheduled applications for unforeseen insect problems from chinch bugs, army worms and sodwebworms at no additional cost.

-Fungus treatment only if needed.  This would be an additional cost.

Insect control contracts without fertilization are also available upon request.

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Weed Control

Turfcare Unlimited also offers specific weed control programs.  Our experts will formulate a Florida lawn program designed specifically for your lawn that will include a spring and fall application and free spot treatments as needed.

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Garden Weasel Crabgrass Killer

At Turfcare Unlimited, we use Garden Weasel Crabgrass Killer.  It’s a natural weed killer used to get rid of crabgrass, chickweed, clover and similar weeds.  The active ingredient is cinnamon bark and is said to pose no threat to the environment .

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Disease Control

Disease occurs when susceptible turf is invaded by a pathogen that thrives due to environmental conditions.  It can be difficult to diagnose since its symptoms are similar to that caused by pests and poor maintenance.  Our professionals at Turfcare Unlimited Central Florida lawn care have the expertise to determine what is plaguing your lawn and to treat it.

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Fungus Control

Turfgrass disease is usually caused by fungi.  They’re parasitic plants that take nutrients from your grass plants.  There are several different kinds of disease and many kinds of fungicides.  Our Turfcare Unlimited experts will properly diagnose the disease living in your lawn and administer the proper treatments to allow your lawn to grow green, lush and healthy.

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Insect Control

Along with diseases, insects also attack Florida lawns.  They live in the soil and grass plants and take precious nutrients from your lawn.  Turfcare Unlimited professionals will determine what critters are living within your turf and decide the best plan of action to eradicate them.  We also have a re-treatment guarantee.  We will re-treat your lawn in between regularly scheduled treatments at no additional cost.

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Grub Control

For the proper lawn care in Florida, it’s important to treat beetle larvae or grubs.  They live in the soil and feed on grass roots.  Lawns riddled with grubs will show patches of wilting and brown grass.  Our professionals at Turfcare Unlimited will determine the best plan of action for your particular grub problem so your lawn will once again grow to its potential.

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Flea|Tick Control

If fleas and ticks are living in your lawn, it won’t take long for them to set up shop in your home.  Children and pets playing outdoors can bring them inside and leave you with a complete infestation.  Before these nasty, biting critters latch onto you, your loved ones or your home, let our professionals at Turfcare Unlimited take care of them.  You’ll rest easier knowing that your children and pets are safe outside and inside your home.

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Mole Crickets

Timing and type of treatment can make or break any effort to control mole crickets.  They’re especially abundant in Florida lawns and come in three varieties: tawny, southern and short-winged.  They destroy grass by digging tunnels through the soil and eating grass roots and shoots.  To make matters worse, predators like raccoons and armadillos like to snack on mole crickets so they’ll dig up your lawn to get at them.  The trick is to treat mole crickets at the right time and with the proper product.  Our experts at Turfcare Unlimited lawn service Brandon FL will get rid of them for you, so your lawn can thrive again and grow to be thick and luxurious.

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Fire Ants

Fire ants are a particularly nasty insect.  They produce large mounds in your lawn and feed mostly on young plants and seeds.  Fire ants bite and then inject a toxic venim into their victims.  For humans it can feel like a burn from a fire, for animals, it can be deadly.  Don’t let these pests get to you, your family or your pets.  Let our residential lawn care Florida experts at Turfcare Unlimited get rid of them, including the queens, once and for all.

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Sod Webworms

Like a grub is the larval stage of a beetle, the sod webworm is the larval stage of an adult moth.  They can be very destructive to Florida lawns.  There are two to three generations per year and each new generation produces even more adults.  Sod webworms come out at night and feed on grass leaves.  Turfcare Unlimited professionals know the proper treatment for these creatures to eradicate them from your lawn.  Let us take care of this pesky problem now, so you can enjoy a beautiful lawn this season.

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Chinch Bugs

Chinch bugs are critters that actually survive cooler temperatures by hiding under debris in flower beds, shrubs and trees.  In Florida, they can be active year-round depending on the weather.  The females lay eggs in the lawn and “nymphs” are hatched.  These creatures ingest the sap from the crown and stems of turfgrass.   Chinch bugs live in the thatch of your lawn and can be difficult to control.  Our experts at Turfcare Unlimited have a proven method of getting rid of these bugs so they won’t stick around to produce another generation.

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